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Guangzhou Dazhi Hardware Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of high quality and medium quality plumbing and sanitary ware. Our company specializes in plumbing and sanitary ware for more than ten years, and has established long-term and friendly business relations with major foreign importers. The professional design team, the strict inspection system, the innovative marketing idea, the perfect after sale service, the product style novel, the variety complete, the fine workmanship, the sculpt luxurious chic, the feel comfortable, the beautiful and generous is based on this, our company is in line with the principle of "quality first, credited first", provide the quality for the customer. Good quantity of all kinds of products.
Always adhering to the "quality, integrity, pragmatic, progressive, service first" business philosophy, and applied to the company's management and operation.
Our company has been creating business with integrity and operating the market in good faith, and has won a good reputation. Our company will expand its business scale, steadily develop its business economy, and sincerely seek partners.




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